Hitting the road for cancer relief


By John Keast

Ashburton physio Karla Poyner reckons she’s no runner, but she and husband Aaron are tackling the Buller Gorge half marathon next month to raise funds for cancer treatment.

Karla won a scholarship to the Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust and has completed a training programme and is now a certified physio for cancer rehabilitation.

Patients access physical rehabilitation before their cancer treatment, during and after to improve their quality of life.

Karla said the treatment could, say, involve working on the shoulder muscles of someone with a mastectomy.

She said the work was very satisfying.

The Pinc and Steel trust helps fund this treatment (although people can self-fund and private insurers may help).

To help raise money for the trust so it can help cancer sufferers, Karla and husband Aaron – who she describes as a great runner – have been training to run the tough Buller Gorge half marathon on February 11.

They hope to raise $1500 – or more.

Karla said $1500 would provide a lot of treatment.

She said there were 80 certified Pinc and Steel therapists in 52 clinics in New Zealand (Karla is at Motus Ashburton in the old Bernina building in West Street, Ashburton) and they kept in touch with other therapists around the world to keep up to date on treatments to help cancer sufferers.

The programmes optimise physical and functional recovery, ease pain and muscular tension, regain strength and mobility, increase energy levels and breathing, reclaim body confidence and shift the focus from illness to wellness.

“I’m not a runner. Before this I’d never run more than 3km but the training has been good.

“If this (run) goes well I will consider more.”

People wishing to support the run to raise money for the trust can donate at Motus Ashburton or at moveovercancerashburton.everydayhero.com/nz/team-buller-half-marathonRunning sportsNike air max