The Camrose Estates subdivision has driving up building consents in Methven.

March has been another huge month for issued building consents in Methven and demand for housing is leading the way.

Sixteen consents, totalling $6,586,027, were issued by Ashburton District Council in the month, far surpassing the four consents totalling $394,650 in March 2021.

Thirteen of the consents were for new houses ( $6,325,227), 11 of them in the Camrose Estates subdivision, another was a school re-roof ($250,00) and two were for heaters ($10,800).

Some 237 sections are proposed for the Camrose Estates subdivision, which is will be developed in 13 stages and is situated on the edge of township between Barkers and Mt Hutt Station roads.

The subdivision is currently working on stage 7 and many of the sections have been sold by the developer. The total value of the 28 consents issued for Methven for the first three months of 2022 is $13,187,377 and already ahead of last year’s record full year total of $12,585,993 and 51 consents.