It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it’s The Addams Family


There’s a laugh a minute in Variety Theatre Ashburton’s production of The Addams Family and it’s definitely a show well worth seeing.

Based on the Broadway musical, the entertaining show is polished and very funny in parts.

Talented performers portray quirky characters with skill and feeling and an impressive set takes you deep into the strange world of the colourful Addams family.

Before you’re seated and ready to watch, Lurch, a manservant of few words, played by school principal Brent Gray, measures you up for size and a future coffin.

We’re first introduced to the Addams family in a graveyard, one of their favourite haunts, where the living, dead and undecided celebrate what it is to be part of the family.

The chorus of When Your an Addams sets the scene for the quality, two act production.

The head of the household, Gomez, played by Chris Woods and his wife Morticia, played by Heather McFarlane, play off each other very well, both displaying top acting, singing and dancing skills.

When their daughter Wednesday, played by Michaela George, invites her boyfriend (Lucas) and his respectable family (Alice and Mal Beineke) to dinner at the Addams mansion, more quirky characters take centre stage.

A number of relationships are tested – Gomez and Morticia, Wednesday and Lucas, and Alice and Mal – before happiness eventually prevails for all.

Specials mention must go to Year 5 student Liam Stoliker, who plays naughty Pugsley Addams so well, and his father, Dayle, who plays the crazy character of Fester. Fester’s love affair and antics with the moon brought the house down with laughter.

To all of the cast, including the dancing Ancestors, well done on a thoroughly entertaining show. Tickets for shows tonight (Thursday), Friday and Saturday are available from the Event Centre or
Reviewed by Mick Jensen.Buy Kicksシューズ