Keeping well in lockdown

Pup Chamberlain, of Lives Worth Living, shares his lockdown tips.

By PUP CHAMBERLAIN, of Lives Worth Living

Like many I have that again feeling mixed with the knowledge this form of Covid-19 appears to be a bit more infectious.

At the time of writing we are level 4 lockdown where phone calls, Zooms and Facebook have again become my uncomfortable workmates.

Level 4 means you have a responsibility to keep others safe by sticking to the guidelines, there is no time for selfishness and conspiracy theories.

So we are isolating or in our happy bubbles, how do we cope?

In Ashburton we have lots of open spaces where, safely in your bubble, we can enjoy:

– Being Active, go for a walk or run, enjoy a play and stroll with the family, I love seeing families laughing and playing in the park opposite me during lockdown. This is a sight that you don’t always see outside of Covid-19 when everyone seems to be too busy for these simple but important things.

– Giving, I have been in isolation because of an untimely training course in Auckland, some kind friends have kept me plump by delivering evening meals. Safely look after your neighbours and friends.

– Connecting, Again I have been keeping myself in touch with people. Online, phones, talking masked up allow this. I know communication is vital for my wellness and others that are relying on me.

– Taking Notice, Hasn’t it been Spring-like? Sunshine, new growth, these things are vital to physical and mental health. Enjoy the people you have, sometimes we take that for granted. If those people become overpowering find some personal space and time if possible.

– Keeping Learning, this doesn’t end with school, lockdown may be the ideal chance to do some new learning online or through reading, new ways to cook, hobbies. If you are currently studying through correspondence lucky you because now is the time to give it a nudge.

I have just outlined the Five Ways of Wellbeing which are simple and effective.

If you find yourself getting a bit anxious or down check this list and you will usually find something that may just be the medicine you need for you and those you love.

Stay safe, keep well.

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