Kids bake 800 bikkies to help blind


Students at Mt Somers Springburn School have baked up more than 800 biscuits for the Blind Foundation’s Red Puppy Bikkie Day initiative.
Two days of on-site baking have resulted in a bikkie bonanza of dalmatians (chocolate chip), golden labradors (shortbread) and chocolate labradors (chocolate).
Thirteen Year 2 students from the Harakeke Room mixed and whipped up 822 pre-ordered biscuits with the help of parents and school staff.
Profits from the venture will mean a cheque and impressive donation of $548 to the NZ Blind Foundation.
Harakeke Room teacher Sarah Gaskin said it had been a great effort from the six and seven year olds.
Those involved had had a lot of fun and developed a number of skills that included processing orders, money handling and counting, mixing and baking.
The Blind Foundation was a worthy cause and the children now also had a better appreciation of the foundation’s work and what it meant to be blind, said Mrs Gaskin.
The baked treats were sold in bags of six.
Red Puppy Bikkie Day encourages the public to ‘‘bake a difference’’ for guide dog puppies by selling puppy-shaped bikkies to friends, work colleagues and classmates
Mt Somers Springburn School will receive a visit from a Blind Foundation dog tomorrow (Friday).affiliate link traceadidas