Kids suit up to learn about beekeeping


There was a buzz of excitement on an Eiffelton property last week when children had the opportunity to give beekeeping a go.

Local business The Little Honey Co showed a group of children what is involved with keeping bees including getting suited up into a bee suit so the kids could get up close and personal with bees.

The Little Honey Co owner Reagan Martin said it was great to let kids come out and see how beehives work, “and the parents as well are always quite fascinated, it’s a great hobby for kids and parents to get into.”

Giving children the chance to see bees up close and to understand they are safe if handled correctly is one of the goals.

“It is important not to be scared of bees, because they are very important for the whole ecosystem.

“One in every three bites of food comes from a pollination source,” Reagan said.

The children got hands on pumping bee smoker’s which help calm the bees and handling the trays of bees from the hives.

Reagan and wife Sarah set up the business three months ago, the couple plan to run their own beehives, supply commercial crop pollination and host bee keeping courses.

“So it s all about teaching kids and adults how to run their bees and do well with them.”

The Little Honey Co produce three types of honey with hives situated around the region.

“We try to keep the hives within a 45 minute drive, keep them local to where we are living.”

As well as the school holiday programmes they also offer a bee keeping course for adults teaching how to run and manage a home beehive to produce their own honey.

There will be more courses for children during the next school summer holidays.

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By Daniel Tobin