Litterers leave the mess for Sandy

Sandy Johns.

Sandy Johns is sick of drive-by litterers.

Mr Johns, retired, said he was tired of cleaning up the rubbish left by drivers, who flung it out on to the roadside near his Fords Road property, southeast of Ashburton.

He said he kept his roadside mown and clean, but was dismayed, almost daily, to have to clean up burger wrappers and other fast-food waste.

Mr Johns also keeps the roadside clear near where Fords Road intersects with Boundary Road.

“Stop littering. If it’s paper, put it in a bin or burn it. It’s tidy here and they just decide to heave it out the window.”

He is confident he will spot who it is who is throwing out the waste.

Photo: Mr Johns with a bag of litter he collected from his Fords Road roadside.Adidas shoesBěžecké tretry Nike