Locks lost, no hair apparent


At 8am Mark Sharkey Sheard had curly locks and a bushy beard.

At 8.10 he was all-but bald.

And he lost it all for a good cause – a fund to support Ashburton’s palliative care nurses.

The palliative care team had looked after both his parents and he wanted to help out.

After his success at the recent national indoor bowls tournament here, he decided to use his profile to raise money.

He put his plan to Phill Hooper at Hokonui Radio, and to this newspaper, and the Bald Barber, Jeff Swindley, was brought in to remove the locks – Mr Swindley also tipped $200 into the fund and challenged other barbers to do the same.

Mr Swindley used electric cutters to remove the bulk of the hair, then finished up with a cut-throat razor, a modern razor, and a little trimmer.

The result, in minutes, was a Sharkey Sheard few, at first glance, would recognise.

He anointed Mr Sheard’s newly bald head with aloe vera, gave the pate a friendly pat, and sent him out in the cold with a warning that he might feel it.

If anyone wishes to support the cause, money can be put into ANZ account 06 0837 0270192 1 or dropped into The Courier or Hokonui Radio and will be passed on.

Off it comes…

How he began…
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