Mermaid is Brooke’s final show


Brooke Miller has been on a musical journey with Mid Canterbury Children’s Theatre (MCCT) since the age of eight, but Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jnr will be her final curtain call.

The 18-year-old was cast as an orphan in Annie, her first MCCT show, and has appeared in seven others.

Her first speaking role was in Seussical where she played young kangaroo.

In her next show she had a lead role in Peter Pan and played Cubby, one of the lost boys.

Other roles have seen her on stage as a goddess in Xanadu, Sue the fairy in Pinocchio, Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical and Boris in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .

In Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jnr she plays seawitch Ursula and the first of five shows opens tomorrow at the Event Centre.

The show was a casualty of covid last year and Brooke has been given special dispensation to perform, because she completed her studies at Ashburton College last year.

“Little Mermaid has been such an amazing show to be a part of. The directing team and everyone behind the scenes have been so lovely and fun to work with and they have been doing such an incredible job.

“I feel really emotional that this will be my last show, but I hope to be involved with MCCT in some way behind the scenes in the future.”

Brooke’s family has been involved with MCCT for 16 years.

Her oldest brother, who is now 24, started when he was eight and Brooke followed in his footsteps.

“Unfortunately I broke my arm when I was 12 and couldn’t perform in Wizard of Oz, which was upsetting as I then could have made it to 10 years of performing in shows.”

Brooke has a photographic memory, so learning her lines has always come easy to her.

“Once I read through the script I almost know all the lines off by heart. Once I’ve learnt them I try to get straight into character and really embody the character I am playing.”

Brooke enjoyed and excelled at drama and dance at school and had four years of singing lessons with local tutor Jo Castelow.

“My career goal was to become an actress and to hopefully continue my study at the New Zealand Drama School in Wellington, but unfortunately due to covid my career path has changed.”

She is currently enjoying working at Speight’s Ale House and is eyeing up doing a trade and later overseas travel.

“I won’t stop acting, that will always be my hobby.”

-By Mick Jensen