Methven Care Trust to consult


Methven Care Trust has put its fundraising efforts on hold and will consult with the community about the future of its proposed new aged care facility project.

Six years ago the trust released ambitious concept plans for a new $5.5million aged care facility focused on rest-home level care that would replace Methven House.

Since then $1.9m in net assets have been secured.

The assets include monetary donations, land gifted by the Lochhead Trust at the Camrose subdivision and adjacent sections that have been purchased to future-proof the site.

Methven Care Trust interim chairperson Janine Holland said now was the time for some “brave conversations” on the project.

“The trust has a third of the money needed, but realistically we need more than half before we can go ahead and break soil.

“It won’t be until building starts that we can apply for community grants, as most needs to be spent within 12 months.”

Ms Holland said behind the scenes trustees had debated ways to deliver a more cost-effective build and generate funds, which included sponsorship rights to first villa occupancy and staged completion.

The trust now needed to know what the community thought about the project in terms of the plans and the scale of those plans.

“The trust’s mandate is broad and there may be other care needs we could incorporate.

“We know many people stand alongside us and may be willing to sign up bequests in advance, but we have always erred on the conservative side.”

She said volatile times in farming, tourism and retail sectors in recent years and the stress and uncertainty of covid had impacted peoples’ ability to donate, especially the larger sums that were needed for the project.

Ms Holland said it was time for a reset at the trust and to see if things could be done differently.

A community meeting to provide feedback will be held in the Methven library at 7pm on June 28. A July meeting date is still to be confirmed.

A confidential survey will also be released in the next few weeks to gauge feedback.

The Methven Care Trust is also keen to see new faces on its board ahead of the August annual meeting.

Current trustees are Roger Henderson, Sir Graeme Harrison, Colin Lill, Joanna Suyker and Jan Anderson.