More options for public traders


A new draft bylaw out for consultation offers more site options for public traders in the district.

The bylaw has been updated because some areas of the district were viewed as missing out on permitted sites, including Rakaia and Lake Hood.

It was also brought forward due to the opening of the new library and civic building on Baring Square East and the future of the permitted site on Havelock Street.

That site is now a discretionary site in the draft instead of permitted, which allows it to be used during community events.

The salmon site in Rakaia is also included as a discretionary site, but the mall site in Methven has been removed because it was rarely used.

Other new permitted sites added to the draft bylaw include the green area next to the old Ashburton post office on East Street, the East Street concrete pads site (stalls only), three sites at Lake Hood, the Lochhead subdivision green space in Methven, Chambers Park in Methven (stalls only) and areas of Railway Terrace East in Rakaia.

The proposed bylaw will allow trading up until 10pm, if approved at some sites, whereas the current bylaw stipulates traders can only operate up to half an hour after sunset.

Council strategy and compliance manger Jane Donaldson said the purpose of the bylaw is to regulate trading in public places in order to protect the public from nuisance and to protect and maintain public health and safety.

The new bylaw will now be known as the Trading in Public Places Bylaw.

Ashburton mayor Neil Brown said council believed they had got things pretty right with the draft and wanted submitters to tell them otherwise.

not happy with what we propose then I urge them to speak up and to make suggestions,” he said.

Consultation on the draft Trading in Public Places Bylaw is open until June 23. Submission hearings and deliberations are set for July 6.

-By Mick Jensen