MSA committee voted out


Sweeping changes to the Ashburton Club and MSA committee were made at a special general meeting this week.

Over 500 members packed the auditorium of the Ashburton Trust Event Centre on Monday night after club members raised concern that they had no confidence in the committee, due to recent management or mismanagement of the club’s affairs.

The numbers at the meeting were more than the space could handle so an overflow room, connected by camera, was used to accommodate the extra people.

The meeting ran for more than two and a half hours.

At the meeting Grant Thornton, the consulting company who wrote the club’s governance review, spoke on their report. It was revealed the consultation had cost the club thousands, which was a surprise to some members.

A strategic plan company hired by the MSA to help move forward also spoke.

Meeting chair Mark von Dadelszen, a barrister from Hastings, took a vote on whether the current committee should be removed, with at least three quarters of those present voting no confidence in the committee.

It was decided an interim committee of five be appointed. And as only five people were nominated, no vote was required.

The interim committee members are Mike Crequer, Maurice Baker and John Withell, all ex-MSA club presidents, Trish Cates, former MSA club trustee and Nicky Ellem, an experienced accountant.

The committee has been given until the end of January 2022 to hold fresh elections.

Bu Daniel Tobin