Name change now official

Rob Reid with the new Braided Rivers Community Trust name and logo.

There will soon be visible signs of a name change for the Ashburton Licensing Trust.

Known for many years simply as Ashburton Trust, the new official name for the entity is now Braided Rivers Community Trust.

The name change reflects the change in business model and direction the trust has taken since early 2016.

Although only recently confirmed, the new name was decided on and notified in 2018.

Trust chief executive Rob Reid said the change to a community trust had turned into a long drawn out process and had also been delayed by covid.

The new name had needed to contain the words and reflected the braided rivers of Mid Canterbury.

“The new name better represents the trust’s place in this community and the fact it has not issued liquor licences for many years,” Mr Reid said.

A new trust deed had converted the current operation from a licensing trust legal structure to that of a community trust, he said.

Community ownership, control, boundaries and public accountability obligations all remained unchanged.

A new granting policy that took affect in 2018 reflected the plan to convert to a community trust, Mr Reid said.

From March 2023 the trust will increase its granting pool to four per cent (less operating costs) of net assets, which will result in a significant increase in grants to the community.

Since 2018 that pool has been restricted to $100,000 per year.

Braided Rivers Community Trust signage will soon be put up at the tennis centre on Oak Grove, at the rugby dugouts at the Ashburton Showgrounds and at the Mid Canterbury Basketball stadium.

Final signage design is been worked on for the event centre and the new name and logo will go up on the left side of the Wills Street building.

-By Mick Jensen