Norrie’s handiwork voted best


A work by embroiderer Norrie Wilson, pictured, has won the People’s Choice prize at the Gathering of Threads exhibition displayed at Ashburton Art Gallery.

Called Trilliums, the work took Mrs Wilson six weeks to complete and the design was a kit bought from Alison Cole.

“The lace petal took me five tries to get right and was rather difficult,” she said.

The top flower was needle lace, the gold part was couched and the bottom was long and short stitched.

All of the techniques were stump work on wire and the piece was all done on velvet.

Mrs Cole said embroidery for her was a continous learning curve.

Lace was her next challenge.

Mrs Cole sat her school certificate in embroidery and scored a high mark.

She has been a member of the Ashburton Embroiderers’ Guild for the last seven years.

She has also practised art for over 30 years, a hobby, she says, that contributes to her needlework ideas.

The Ashburton Embroiderers’ Guild holds its showcase exhibition at the art gallery every two years.Sportswear DesignΑνδρικά Nike