Oak chest from 1634 gifted to Methven history group

The oak chest, or coffer, that was made in England in 1634.

An English oak chest dating back to 1634 has been gifted to the Methven Museum and is on display.

The chest is in good condition and is of very high quality.

It has been evaluated and authenticated by English furniture expert Dr Bernard Cotton, who says its design and embellishment is in keeping with the 1634 date carved on it.

That date and the initials IH are assessed as being original to the piece.

The chest has framed and panelled construction on the front sides, rear and top, with the framing elements all featuring decorative mouldings.

The original fish tail hinges are nailed with “rosehead” nails and cleated over in the bottom part, but the nails have been replaced with screws in the upper section.

The chest has been offered as a permanent gift to the Methven Historical Society and for display and storage by Methven Museum by Gerry Ireland, whose mother Grace had it before him .

Grace Ireland was the granddaughter of one of the first settlers in Methven, William Morgan, and his wife Isobel.

It is believed Morgan may have brought the chest with him from England, but the Methven Museum is still delving deeper to find out more.best Running shoesSneakers Nike