The now-closed Ashburton Information Centre, on East Street, is up for purchase and removal.

The Ashburton District Council is looking for someone to pick up its old information centre building and take it away for a new life.

Expressions of interest are being sought for the building, which is about 15 years old and previously used by the iSITE and Experience Mid Canterbury.

The council hopes a person, group or business would buy the building and relocate it.

The building, nestled in trees on the East Street green by the chessboard, sits on a concrete slab. The new owners would have to cut internal walls to lift it off and move it.

Expressions of interest are being accepted until March 9. Interested people don’t have to have a full plan for what they want to do with the building, but they do need to register.

Council would weigh the tender options and the building moved before contractors working on the revitalisation of the CBD reached East Street next year.


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