On a paddock rarely turned, they worked in to the night

A harvester works into the night. Picture, Struan Christie.

By John Keast

The barley was fit, and they worked in to the night on a paddock not turned for a century.

Mid Canterbury Vintage Machinery Club got first use of the paddock adjoining the old Tinwald saleyards site.

For more than 100 years, it was a holding paddock for the yards and never worked.

The saleyards are long gone, and Greg Donaldson Contracting bought the site.

He gave the vintage machinery club the use of the land, and club members worked it and planted barley in it in August, when the weather was wet.

Yet despite the difficult season – wet at first, then dry, hot weather – a good crop was produced.

It was a team effort.

Michael Ellis did the spraying, Greg Carr did the harvesting, and the grain was sold to Evans stock food.

Club president John Hall said the crop would help funds, and it was grateful for the support.

It hoped to grow barley there again next year.

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