Outstanding in his (spud) field


Water and warmth have done their job: the potatoes planted by the “Octogenarians” of the Plains Museum in Tinwald are thriving.

John French reckons the Victorias planted this year are as good as any and will be ready for digging in mid December.

Alongside them are a bumper crop of peas – the pods swelling now after 42mm of rain and warmed by the sun – which should be ready for picking in early December.

The crops are planted by Mr French and his pals from the museum; he is nearly 80 and his companions are over 80.

But the crops – and grass further up the paddock – are good fund-raisers for the museum.

In this instance, the crops will probably cover the insurance bill.

The potatoes will be available at the museum on Maronan Road, and the peas, when ready, can be picked in the paddock.Nike Sneakers StoreNike Shoes