Park consultation opens


The Ashburton District Council is seeking public opinion on the future of Grove Street Park.

Consultation opened last week asking for submissions on the disposal of Grove Street Park to allow an access road to the new Ashbury Grove subdivision planned by developers GS Holdings Ltd.

If the subdivision goes ahead, the developers would include a bigger park with new playground equipment.

The 80-plus section subdivision is waiting for resource consent approval from council.

During a council meeting in June, three councillors opposed the motion to go out to consultation.

Ashburton mayor Neil Brown said councillors needed to keep an open mind and spoke in support of the motion.

“Having been down there, I had a look at the little park, and the solution that the developer is going to come up with could mean we have a better park than what is there, but I don’t have enough information yet, so I would like to go out and consult and see what they are going to offer us for letting them use that piece of land as a roadway.”

A map showing the location of the current and proposed parks.

GS Holdings project manager Andrew Mason said Ashbury Grove will still go ahead if the road access from Grove Street is denied as there is another road to the subdivision from Grahams Road.

“The problem is if the road isn’t approved there will be the little park off Grove Street and then our bigger park in the subdivision.”

The current park is 881m2, the council consultation document states 3000-5000m2 is a useful size for a neighbourhood park.

Mr Mason said he had been told by the council that there is no park of adequate size in the area, the new park would be 2240m2 and located approximately 100 metres from the current park.

“As part of our subdivision consent we have suggested we pay our reserve contribution in two ways, one is the normal way of a cash contribution, the other way is $100,000 worth of playground equipment which would happen in the first stage.

“During the construction period there won’t be a park, but the construction period shouldn’t be any more than six months, so there will be a short amount of time when kids wont be able to play there,” he said.

Consultation on the future of Grove Street Park closes on September 7.

Click here to view the consultation document.

By Daniel Tobin