Party leaders visit district


National Party leader Judith Collins both visited Ashburton last week.

David Seymour spoke to a crowd of 100 people in Ashburton on Friday night.

Mr Seymour said he was thrilled with the turnout and the questions that were asked covering subjects like the treaty and the country’s constitutional direction, regulations on farms and businesses and how to change the Government.

While Parliament is in recess for three weeks ACT MPs are using the opportunity to travel the country to discuss policy and hear the concerns of people in the regions.

“The ACT party has a lot of momentum coming into the next election,” Mr Seymour said.

Opposition leader Judith Collins was in town on Saturday and had a flood event briefing with the Ashburton District Council before visiting the Ashburton bridge and a flood hit farm owned by Craig Galloway.

Ms Collins said it was devastating to see the destruction the flood caused to the livelihoods of farmers.

provided by the Government isn’t enough. It hasn’t taken into account the massive amount of lost productivity caused to farmers who have lost farmland, stock feed, fences and animals.”

Ms Collins said she also spoke with the mayor and councillors about Ashburton’s desperately needed second bridge. This was something National promised to deliver during the campaign last year, but the Government has done nothing.

to pay $785 million for a cyclebridge in Auckland. Ashburton needs a drop in the bucket in comparison, just $40 million.”

A recent poll showed Mr Seymour ahead of National Party leader Judith Collins in the preferred prime minister stakes and ACT at 11% of the popular vote.

By Daniel Tobin