Patrols keeping community safe

Police are available in the community 24/7.

Ashburton Police are out and about in the community making sure people are sticking to the covid lockdown rules.

Those rules include only being out for exercise or visits to essential services such as supermarket or medical needs, and wearing masks which became mandatory for all people (employees and customers) at open businesses and services that involve customer contact.

This includes wearing face coverings at supermarkets, pharmacies, and petrol stations. Also visitors to healthcare facilities.

Ashburton Police senior sergeant Leigh Jenkins, speaking to radio host Phill Hooper this morning, said New Zealand did not want to have the Delta variant get out of control in the community.

‘‘You just have to look at Australia, this can spread and get out of control pretty quickly,’’ he said.

People are being urged to abide by the rules; stick to their bubbles, use the covid app to scan their movements, keep two metre distances from others when using essential services such as supermarkets and wear facemasks when in the community.

‘‘We certainly don’t want to expose the vulnerable persons in the community to this disease,’’ he said.

Mr Jenkins also wanted people to know they may be stuck at home, but they are not alone.

If anyone had any concerns the Police were available 24/7 but staff at Ashburton District Council ‘‘had support networks in play’’ to help meet any welfare needs for people unable to access pharmacy supplies, food and housing. Council can be contacted at 307 7700.

Police would be engaging with people out and about in the community and taking a three step approach to make sure people were where they were meant to be. It would include education and encouragement in the first instance; enforcement was the last resort.

Stay at home, unless you have real reasons to go out such as to the supermarket or for medical purposes.

‘‘Let’s see if we can’t get out of this level four sooner rather than later.’’