Peter puts motoring beauty up for auction

Fluffy dice not included... Peter Lynn in his 1908 De Dion Bouton vintage car which will be sold at the Methven Vin tage Club's wheels and motors auction next month. Photo Toni Williams

Peter Lynn’s beloved 1908 De Dion Bouton vintage car is going under the hammer at a vintage wheels and motors auction in Methven next month.

He’s keen to pass it on to others to enjoy.

It’s a bittersweet sale but it will clear some space in Mr Lynn’s yard, help support the Methven Vintage Club and boost the coffers of the Methven Walkway.

“I have too many toys,” Mr Lynn said, among them a replica 1886 Benz. He is definitely keeping that.

However he is selling the De Dion Bouton and a three tonne stationary Tangye 1902 oil engine.

They, and many other quality vintage motors, will go on sale at the auction run by the Methven Vintage Club at the Methven A&P Show on March 20.

Club members are keen to hear from people who may have vintage cars, trucks, motorbikes or tractors in their sheds, garages and yards that they may want to sell in the auction.

There is a non-refundable entry fee of either $50 or $100, depending on the value of the item; proceeds from the fees will go to the Methven Walkway project.

Peter Lynn shines up his stationary Tangye 1902 oil engine ready for the auction. Photo Toni Williams

Mr Lynn, 74, has owned the De Dion Bouton for the past 15 years. “We’ve enjoyed having it.”

It’s a crank start, single cylinder, 16hp motor, capable of speeds up to 80km/h and has a three-speed gearbox, which even by today’s standards was very modern for its time.

Mr Lynn knows well the history of the car.

Albert de Dion was a French aristocrat who first built a steam car in 1883 and later partnered up with George Bouton, a practical engineer, and moved to internal combustion engines, he said.

De Dion Bouton sold more cars than all other manufacturers combined from 1900 to 1910.

In the past Mr Lynn and his wife Elwyn – dressed up in aviator hats and, in Mr Lynn’s case goggles – have toured in it around the district although it has never driven past Hinds. However it was transported to Invercargill to take part in a rally and has been used in their daughter’s wedding.

Their children gave them fluffy dice as a modern touch. They are not included in the sale.

“It’s a nice vehicle and remarkedly quite comfortable,” Mrs Lynn said.

The Methven A&P Show is on March 20 and the auction, carried out by auctioneer Geoff Wright, starts at 4pm. The club was hoping to get around 100 quality items. They already had some rare collectable items going under the hammer, including big name brands such as Kecvin, David Brown and John Deere.

Anyone wanting to enter an item in the auction can contact the organisers at Methven Vintage Club via Facebook, or email at or by phoning 274758694.