Pie makers get cracking


Mayor Donna Favel has made something new – a pie with handles.

Her culinary innovation was revealed at a pie-making competition run with A Country Affair, a weekend fair organised by the St Andrews Presbyterian Church at the Sinclair Centre.

The competition was hot, with the pies offered for sale by auction just after noon.

Tinwald headmaster Peter Livingstone – after confessing to buying a cooked chicken for his creation – took instructions from his mobile phone for his savoury chicken pie, while councillor Leen Braam – clearly no slouch in the kitchen – made himself dizzy by assembling pre-sliced apples into ever-decreasing circles in his pie dish.

He then helped the dairy industry with a generous topping of butter

Yours truly made an old fashioned bacon and egg pie (and yes, there was some advice from family).

Which brings us to Mrs Favel.

She made her pie, put it in a pre-heated oven and realised a full five minutes later that she had forgotten to add a pastry garnish, so opened the door to drop on four small delicately-cut pieces of flaky pastry.

As the pie rose, so too did her pastry pieces – to the extent that, when ready to be removed from the oven, they looked like handles.

It did not deter the buyers, though, who were quick to bid for the pies – all to help pay for church earthquake repairs.Authentic SneakersAir Jordan 5 Low China 2016