Pin-up life

Jasmine Aitken, aka Miss Jazzylicious, is a big fan of vintage. Photo: Tony McKay Studios, Hamilton

Ruapuna farmer’s wife Jasmine Aitken is a big fan of vintage and will be dressed to the nines when she lines up for the Miss Pinup New Zealand pageant in February.

The pageant will be held at The Very Vintage Day Out at Auckland’s Kumeu Showgrounds and Jasmine, aka Miss Jazzylicious, will take to the stage in a variety of outfits.

The 35-year-old, a former Ashburton College student, attended her first pin-up pageant at the Caroline Bay Rock and Hop in Timaru in March and loved the experience.

‘‘I’ve got the bug. I’m playing out the fantasy of dressing up like iconic vintage pin-ups such as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, who I just love.’’

Jasmine grew up watching classic movies favoured by her father that featured the likes of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

Her mother, a musician, once performed on American cruise ships in the Caribbean.

‘‘I’ve always enjoyed that American vibe that features so prominently in the vintage scene.
‘‘Even at school I had a different fashion sense to my schoolmates.’’

Jasmine got hitched to husband Laurence in Las Vegas and made a special trip to Elvis’ Graceland home.

She sources her clothes from vintage shops, op-shops and online and loves wet setting her hair into curls, wrapping her hair up and wearing red lipstick, pink blush and iconic cat eyeliner.

‘‘Dressing in vintage is about expressing my personality and my unique self.
‘‘It’s not about being on trend, but simply wearing what I love to wear and feeling good about it.’’

Jasmine is a member of the Southern Pinup Belles, an inclusive group that shares its love of pinup, vintage, rockabilly and alternative styles, and also holds charity events.

By day she raises her three- year-old daughter on the family’s dairy support, deer and sheep farm at Ruapuna.

‘‘We live the old-fashioned life on the farm and grow our own food and try to be self-sufficient where we can.
‘‘I like nothing more than bottling and canning food and getting stuck into baking with my daughter.’’

Jasmine’s performance name is Miss Jazzylicious, which in part comes from her love of cake decorating and baking.

She auditioned for the Miss Pinup New Zealand pageant earlier this year and produced a two-minute video set to music that features her in various vintage personas and completing tasks around the farm.

For the contest she will compete in daywear influenced by fashion from the 1930s to 1960s, beach wear and will also perform a talent, which she is keeping secret.

The finale of the contest will be formal evening wear.

‘‘I know some of the other competitors and for all of us taking part is an uplifting experience.
‘‘We are all different shapes and sizes, but we support one another.
‘‘For me it also shows my daughter that her mum can accomplish her goals.’’

-By Mick Jensen