Plains spuds for Christmas

Murray Oakley (left) and John French have been growing potatoes to raise funds for the Tinwald Plains.

It’s been a perfect growing season for the blokes at the Tinwald Plains.

Their new potatoes are being dug up and sold ahead of Christmas, and their pick-your-own peas should be ready this weekend.

Chief grower John French said the nadine potatoes were planted back in September and good weather with some timely rain had resulted in a good yield.

Plains members planted about a hectare of spuds and a smaller area of peas off Lagmhor Road.

Potatoes are being dug up and bagged and sold from the Plains for $12 a 5kg bag.

Mr French said the potatoes were best brought to the boil and turned off to rest.

He has been planting the fundraising crop for 30 years and said volunteers were a bit thin on the ground this year. Anyone fit, able and wanting to help could come over to Tinwald and lend a hand.

The potatoes are dug up by machine and then put into buckets by hand, and bagged.

Mr French said the peas would likely be ready this weekend. People could pick their own for $5 a 10-litre bucket; people needed to bring their own bucket.

People can ring him for details on 308-3669.Asics footwearHow to Run Faster , Increase Your Running Speed and Endurance