Plan sets tone for Racecourse Road


A structure plan for Racecourse Road will guide development for the next 60 years.

Three hundred new residential D sections have been identified in an outline development plan for the northern side of Racecourse Road in Ashburton.

One new road running north/south has already been approved as part of a consented subdivision at 174 Racecourse Road and a proposed spine road is shown running east/west from State Highway 1 at Golf Links Road, to level with Farm Road.

Sewage, water or stormwater infrastructure is not part of the plan though the Ashburton District Council will evaluate this on a case-by-case basis as new developments and subdivisions happen. The structure plan will guide development in the area for the next 60 years.

Council strategy and compliance group manager Jane Donaldson said the structure plan had been sent to all affected property owners and the document was at an informal consultation stage.

“Staff will be engaging further with landowners, especially those who might have a road on their land. Depending on the outcome of those discussions, councillors may be asked if they want to proceed with a plan change to include the outline development plan in the district plan.”

The already-approved road, which accesses Racecourse Road just west of Allens Road, is part of a private subdivision. There is no timetable for the work.

The parcel of residential D land the structure plan covers is 141ha and has 23 different owners. The consented subdivision at 174 Racecourse Road creates 22 sections of 4000m2 and a reserve. The strategy is a guide for future development to co-ordinate infrastructure, prevent fragmented development and create good amenity value for property owners, the neighbourhood and the town at large.

A valuer’s report estimated sales of the 4000m2 lots to be up to six a year.

Council believes the implantation of an arterial road in the area would provide a clear direction for future growth in terms of layout of roads and access and help avoid fragmented development.

Exact alignments are subject to detail design and individual talks with landowners.


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