Playground opens at Methven Primary


Methven Primary School pupils have another reason to love their school with a new playground opening last week.

The playground has been specially designed for the junior pupils.

Principal Sue Furndorfler said with so many new entrants at the school it was decided to make a playground specifically for the five to eight year olds.

“The great thing about Methven Primary School is whenever there’s a job to be done there’s always a whole lot of volunteers and people willing to help out to get things done,” she said.

Planning for the playground started two years ago with a lot of interruptions along the way. Friends of Methven Primary School member Kath Clark lead the project.

Mrs Furndorfler said Kath spent hours researching playgrounds,”she worked with junior teachers and pupils to come up with what they wanted, it was a lot of work.”

Auckland company Park Supplies and Playgrounds built the playground and it was a quick instillation with Trevor from Playbases only taking a week and a half to complete the install.

The school received funding from the Ministry of Education and the board of trustees and Friends of Methven Primary School also contributed.

“We were also very lucky to have the the local Scarecrow Trail donate $7250,” Mrs Furndorfler said.

Hakatere Marae will gift a name for the playground.

“It will be a name that will suit our school and the vision for our students.

“With the challenging times we are facing in New Zealand and across the world, to us this new playground is a symbol of freedom and of friendship, where our children can play together in a safe environment and be free to be children,” she said.