Police seek info on recycling bin fires

Ashburton Police are appealing for information on a spate of recycling bin fires in the early hours this morning.

Ashburton Police are investigating a spate of recycling bin fires in the early hours of this morning.

A scattering of bins from Alford Forest Road to Tancred Street, and put out late last night for collection today, have been randomly targeted and inside contents set alight.

It has left a mottled mess of melted plastic and burnt remains behind.

Police confirmed they had received a report of wheelie bins on fire on Alford Forest Road at around 2.45am this morning.  The fires were attended to by the Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Further bins were located alight down Short Street, Tancred Street and outside Cleavers Corner restaurant on the corner of Tancred and West streets.

‘‘A short time later another fire was located on the grass verge, Tinwald side of the Ashburton bridge.

‘‘All of these are reported to have occurred over a 40-minute time frame.’’

Police are following up lines of enquiry but anyone with information which could assist Police can contact 105 or Crime Stoppers anonymously, using file or event numbers P049656611 / 220216/5099.