Repiped skimmers help keep pool pristine

Tinwald Domain Board member Leen Braam cools his feet off in the pool, alongside one of the repiped skimmers.

Repiped skimmers have been helping to keep the water clean and flowing in the Tinwald Domain pool this season.

The upgraded skimmer system was put in ahead of the pool’s opening in December.

The hefty installation cost of $15,000 was met by funding from the Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury.

Skimmers are not even noticed by many pool users and look like a mini mouth in the side of the pool, near the top of the water.

Their primary use is to suck water out of the pool and through the filter system.

The plumbing of the skimmer is connected to the pool’s pump which creates suction that pulls water into the skimmer’s mouth.

Larger debris such as leaves, twigs and insects is captured by a basket that is nestled within the skimmer.

The water then journeys through the plumbing until it reaches the filter, where fine debris such as dust, pollen, and algae is captured.

After flowing through the filter, water is returned to the pool, nice and clean, through the return jets of the swimming pool.

Tinwald Domain Board member Leen Braam said the repiped skimmers provided a more efficient operating system.

The Tinwald pool was in tip top condition and was a fantastic facility for the community and very well used over the summer months.

Mr Braam said the domain board was very grateful for the funding provided by the Mid and South Canterbury Trust.

The reduced current pool hours are 4pm until 7pm from Monday to Friday and from noon until 7pm at the weekend.

The pool usually closes for the season in early March.Authentic Nike SneakersGifts for Runners