Riders angered by horse hooves


By Mick Jensen

Local mountainbike enthusiasts are angry and disappointed that a horse and rider has churned up parts of a well used bike track, including a recently laid section.

Mid Canterbury MTB Club president James Reid said the incident had happened last week and hoof prints had damaged parts of the track maintained by the club that ran from Trevors Road through to Melrose Road.

“We’re really disappointed and annoyed about this. We have spent a lot of time, effort and money getting the track up to scratch and for someone to just ignore signs and to churn up the track is just not on.”

Mr Reid said there were around 40 signs along the track showing motorbikes and horses were not permitted, but those had “all been ignored”.

One section of new track near the Ashburton River bridge has not long been “packed down” and had now been raked up by hooves.

“Our track was starting to look really good after a lot of work. We’ve got the new season coming up and we were looking forward to it.”

He said repairs would now need to be done on parts of the track.

There are around 60 members of the Mid Canterbury MTB Club, including families.

The club is the unofficial custodian of the river trail tracks that stretch between Melrose and Trevors roads. The loop track offers around 12 kilometres of safe biking, a mix of terrain and challenges, and off-road riding that is suitable for all abilities.

Photo: A horse and rider has churned up section of the bikes track, including this section which has not long been packed down.Authentic Nike Sneakers/New Releases Nike