Safety upgrade for intersection

The Havelock Street and Cass Street intersection.

Havelock Street is looking great with the roadworks finally winding up recently, but there is one intersection that is still a cause of concern.

The Havelock/Cass Street intersection, next to the police station, has been criticised for not being clearly identifiable as a give way junction.

Comments on Facebook have mentioned numerous close calls at the intersection, with some people saying they drove through without realising they were meant to give way.

Ashburton District Council infrastructure services general manager Neil McCann has some good news about changes planned to help improve safety at the intersection.

He said since the construction of the new intersection at Cass Street the council had received feedback from many people regarding the changes and the confusion with the lines and layout, as well as being informed of a few crashes where some drivers drove through the intersection without stopping.

“Although we will be undertaking a full site safety audit of the recently completed CBD works in the next few weeks, we arranged for traffic engineers to meet and discuss the Cass street/Havelock street intersection last week. As a result of that meeting, we will be making some changes within the next week or two to address the safety concerns,” Mr McCann said.

The changes are:

The Give Way signs will be changed to STOP signs, and will be larger than the current signs.

The painted crossing point lines on Havelock street will be removed to avoid confusion over the crossing being a pedestrian crossing.

Wider, more visible lines will be painted on Cass street and the STOP signs will be located closer to the traffic lanes.

The trees in the gardens at the intersections will be relocated to make sure the signs are more visible.

Mr McCann said he believed the changes will address many of the issues.

“However it is important for motorists to realise the area is now a 30km/hr zone, and we urge motorists to slow down and drive to the new speed limit in the CBD area.”

~ By Daniel Tobin