Scapes exhibition

Photo: Artist Sandra Hussey in front of one of her exhibition pieces.

By Mick Jensen

A solo exhibition from Timaru based artist Sandra Hussey called Fluid Scapes takes inspiration from New Zealand’s landscape and waterways.

The abstract exhibition experiments with the physical qualities of paint and opened at Ashburton Art Gallery at the weekend.

It features five large scale works on unstretched canvas and a sixth smaller piece.

Works are built from acrylic paint poured directly on to the canvas. Paint skins are also formed, and then dried, peeled off and added to the paintings.

Some paint skins have screen prints on them.

The collaged works have a main body of dark hues and other colours referencing the natural landscape.

Sandra Hussey said her artworks were “hand made, but completed without a brush”.

She had an interest in the formal qualities of colour, composition and form and believed in “open-ended” abstract pieces that were open to interpretation by others.

Fluid Scapes features paintings from a larger body of work completed by the artist for her Masters degree at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts last year.

Hussey started her formal art education in the early 2000s, after a number of years in England, where she worked in a bookshop.

She studied at both ARA and the Dunedin School of Art and has Bachelor degrees in visual and fine arts. Fluid Scapes runs until the end of February.bridgemedia困ったらここ!実家暮らしカップルの定番デートスポット5選