Scary fun for all at Rakaia Halloween


Screams of terror and joy echoed around Rakaia on Saturday evening as people from around Canterbury took part in a spooktacular halloween event.

The event was held at the Rakaia Scout Den with an early session for younger children, before the scare factor was increased for kids aged 12 and over, and adults.

A large crowd enjoyed the earlier family friendly event.

A group of ghoulish actors dressed as demonic nuns, scarecrows and chainsaw wielding psychos made sure people running the gauntlet had something to scream about.

The earlier family-friendly event involved children making their way through a graveyard surrounded by identifiable Disney themed characters, with plenty of candy handed out to reward their efforts.

After months of preparation event organiser Anita Ruigrok was thrilled with the turnout.

Chainsaw wielding psychos terrified visitors

“It was absolutely amazing to see so many people, between 350 to 400 took part in the early event, with a group of around 15 volunteers we were able to guide everything in a good and friendly atmosphere,” she said.

A little vampire seemed unconcerned about he head being lopped off.

Around 70 visitors braved the later session with volunteers ensuring a creepy atmosphere. VIP ticket holders had unlimited access to the graveyard, and were singled out for terrifying attention from the roaming ghouls.

“Hearing the screams and laughter I think everyone had a good time, at least we volunteers did,” she said.

Two devilish divas found the best defence was to run.
The scary girl from The Ring movie chases her victim.

By Daniel Tobin