Shop around for power prices, says EA Networks boss

EA Networks CEO Roger Sutton

EA Networks chief executive Roger Sutton says that some residents in Mid Canterbury are paying higher power prices than they should be.

He said data from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) showed retailer margins appeared high compared to other regions.

“Data from MBIE suggests that on average power retailers in Mid Canterbury are offering energy prices that are 13 to 24 per cent higher than our neighbouring regions and the New Zealand average.

“We are frustrated that our low residential line charges are not always clearly passed on to customers in our network region.”

He said the best thing customers could do is to shop around and look for the best deal. “Go to Powerswitch or another comparison website and see what’s out there – it’s easy to get a better deal.”

Comparison sites take the information customers provide about how they use electricity, plus information from their bill (if they provide it) and estimate how much energy households will use in a year. Using this estimate, customers can compare the different pricing plans available and identify the cheapest.

EA Networks will be starting a marketing campaign to highlight which electricity retailers available in Mid Canterbury offer some of the lowest costs on average.Buy KicksNike Shoes