Silo the cat is back, heavier and purring after 19-month journey into the unknown


It was the worst of Christmas news.
A cherished cat, Silo, gone – escaped with eight others – from a cattery at Woodbury.
That was 19 months ago.
The cattery owner was distraught and launched a huge rescue mission.
Now all but one cat is back – including Silo, who was found as a kitten on the Ealing farm.
Now he’s back, larger than life, half a kilo heavier, and still waking his owner with a tap on the forehead.
Silo belongs to David and Pam Corse-Scott, of Ealing.
On Christmas morning, nineteen months ago, they got a call to say he and others had got out.
Most of the cats were retrieved quickly, but despite a mammoth effort by the Corse-Scotts, and the cattery owner, Silo was at large.
Mrs Corse-Scott said she had a poster made up and laminated – astory was run in this paper – but Silo, now 10 and a half, remained elusive.
Then Mr Corse-Scott noticed a tiny ad in aGeraldine paper: found, friendly black cat.
Could it be?
The Corse-Scotts went straight to Woodbury, inland from Geraldine.
‘‘We were over the moon. I said, ‘here, Silo’ and he came over. I knew it was him.’’
Mrs Corse-Scott said he had turned up at the door of a Woodbury resident, who already had four cats and could not take on another, so she put in an ad.
‘‘When he turned up at her place he appeared to be hungry. She fed him and put an ad in and David spotted it.
I said ‘Silo’ and he came straight away. The other woman tried to call him Blackie.’’
Mrs Corse-Scott said it was probable someone in Woodbury had looked after him, and she and the cattery owner would like to know who it was so they could thank the person for the care.
‘‘It’s just incredible, it really is. He’s a lovely cat.’’
Back at Ealing he has settled right in, sleeping on the barbecue table, and coming in at night to commandeer awarm spot.
And Silo is back in his old spot on the bed, tapping Mr Corse-Scott on the head when he feels it is time for the family to get up.Buy KicksNIKE(ナイキ)のアイテムを使ったコーディネート一覧