Singer Jaz on national tour


Up and coming musician Jaz Paterson is hitting the road on a nation wide tour to showcase tracks off her debut EP ACHE.

She is set to perform in the main centers including her home town Geraldine.

Now based in Christchurch her love of music began in Geraldine and was fostered by her parents who were in a band when she was younger.

Jaz said music lessons were encouraged for all her siblings.

“My brothers played drums and ukulele, and my sister learnt bass. Each of my siblings have chosen other careers now, but music has remained important to each of us.”

Jaz was just 11 years old when she was inspired to become a musician.

“I went to the Waihi Bush Folk Festival and saw Aldous Harding do a beautiful set.

“I remember having a moment of wanting to be able to do what she was doing – sharing a super vulnerable song in front of an audience. After that festival I went home and started learning guitar.

“I think growing up in Mid Canterbury is great for young musicians because the community is small and supportive. I got a lot of opportunities that really helped me grow, as I was a super shy kid when I was young,”she said.

Jaz made the most of any performing opportunities that came her way as she developed her musical talent, including competing in the Smokefree Rockquest when she was 15.

“I got into performing and competitions in Timaru, Geraldine and Ashburton after I managed to figure out how to push past crippling nerves before a gig. I played a lot of local competitions, markets, bars, cafes, opening slots for people touring through Timaru, and did a few shows with a local band in Geraldine.”

Her debut EP ACHE is predominantly electronic based but includes live instruments, and is described as blending shimmering synths, modern percussion and warm live instrumentation.

She said the EP is about the highs and lows of her early 20s with songs about a breakup, her relationship with church and faith, being lonely and being scared to grow up.

Jaz Paterson will perform in Geraldine’s Lodge Theatre on April 8.

-By Daniel Tobin