Sizzle for rural families

Bruce Taylor, left, and Craig Wiggins with the Farming Families barbecue available for use by Mid Canterbury rural communities.

Farming Families is helping connect Mid Canterbury’s rural community one meal at a time.

They have bought a mobile barbecue for use in its communities, and have volunteers making healthy, home-cooked meals for the freezer to distribute to farmers ‘‘under the hammer’’.

Farming Families spokesperson Bruce Taylor said the new barbecue trailer, which has two hot plates, plenty of catering storage spaces and a solar panel battery powered sound system, is available for rural groups to book. It comes with a supply of meat from Anzco, who had come on board, and with the support of Farming Families.

It is available for rural events, pet days, calf days and events where people come together to connect, especially rural school communities.

Mr Taylor said the barbecue was ideal for rural school events, and many other rural activities.

He was also pleased to announce the partnering with Anzco Ashburton who had offered to supply relevant food products to assist in the successful running of these events.

Anzco were also supporting rural advocate Craig Wiggins’, Whatever with Wiggy Charitable Trust.

Mr Wiggins, of Ashburton, is also involved in Farming Families.

‘‘Anzco have acknowledge to us a desire in assisting in grass root activities in our rural
communities, and see this as the beginning what we hope will be an ongoing association in aiding ourselves in creating fun and rewarding events for many of our rural communities,’’ Mr Taylor said.

Farming Families was created by a group of dedicated farmers and rural professionals to help create stronger relationships within Mid Canterbury and beyond.

They also run events to uplift those in the community, such as the Mid Canterbury Rural

Mr Wiggins said Anzco were supplying export quality Angel Bay patties and meat from their
aged-beef range for the prepared meals at no cost. Nor was there a cost for the barbecue.

‘‘It was being done to support the community,’’ he said.

Farming Families volunteers are making hearty, healthy comfort meals to give to farmers under the hammer.

Anyone who wanted to help cook meals suitable for freezing to give to farmers under the hammer was welcome to make contact.

Mr Wiggins and fellow committee member Jayne Hansen gave the barbecue its first test run at the Lauriston School camp at Staveley prior to Christmas.

It was a camp of Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils attended by staff and parents.

‘‘The school staff jumped into the task….it was a great evening.

“The schools are our hubs so let’s get our communities back connecting around school events,’’ he said.

Anzco’s Chris Hindson said Anzco was committed to supporting the community in all ways it could.

‘‘It is not something we seek recognition for but see it is an important part for building
relationships with community groups and will continue to support in any way we can going