Skeleton, whitebait, it’s full-on science

Photo: Year 7 student Lukas Fowler watches the skeleton's hip and knee joints move to mirror his own movement as he pedals on the bike.

By Mick Jensen

Ashburton Intermediate School students took a bike ride with a skeleton, had a glimpse inside a kaleidoscope and learnt about the life-cycle of whitebait at a science event on Monday.

The long-running Science Roadshow came to the school to educate, stimulate and promote the broad field of science.

Exhibits were grouped into six themes: astronomy; ecology; interpreting representations; reflection/refraction; sound; and spinning and whizzing.

In between exploring the 55 interactive exhibits, students were treated to two live 15-minute shows.

The first, called Fire and Ice, offered an insight into temperature.

Science demonstrators used liquid nitrogen to demonstrate how low temperatures cause shrinkage and later used chemicals and combustion to heat and burn a hole into a zinc sheet.

The second live show was called Am I living? and explored the key processes of life.

The science Roadshow has been running for 30 years and typically tours at 120 locations around the country each year.

Over 47,000 students from more than 500 schools are expected to see it this year.

Science roadshow manager Shane Kingston said students were able to try their hand at a number of exhibits.

The roadshow gave them the opportunity to connect with science and technology through “a fun, hands-on programme”.Authentic SneakersMen’s shoes