St John back to revamped base

St John Ashburton paramedic Theresa Roulston and emergency medical technician Catrina Dolan in the station's newly created "make ready locker".

By Toni Williams

Staff from St John Ashburton have returned to base after working out of temporary premises as the station underwent a $700,000 upgrade.

The work, which took three months, has included the modernisation of the kitchen and day room which is now open plan and spacious, an extra bedroom upstairs (taking the bedrooms to five), new bathroom facilities, the creation of office work spaces and training area (including a station manager office), ambulance parking (two bay carport), a specialist equipment cleaning area and a brightly coloured and spacious “make ready locker” (storage space) at the Tancred Street site.

“It’s really, really good,” said emergency medical technician Catrina Dolan, on her first shift back at the station since ambulance staff moved back late last week.

“It’s really professional. It’s like we’ve gone from a (functioning) Morris Minor to a BMW.”

“It’s lovely, we all love it,” says paramedic Theresa Roulston.

Both officers agree the revamp has made the station a modern and relaxing, warm and inviting environment to work.

There is somewhere to relax and somewhere to do clerical work, it’s open, spacious and warm, they said.

While some of the work was needed to meet current building standards, the extra work done meant the station can better accommodate more staff now Ashburton ambulances were doubled crewed.

It was expected the upgrade would future-proof the facility for the next 15 years.

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