Staff covid ready

Dr Malcolm Wootton, of Three Rivers Health, which is taking part in this weekend's Super Saturday covid vaccination push.

Eight Mid Canterbury covid vaccination clinics will take part in Super Saturday this weekend. It’s a one-off nationwide event to encourage people to get vaccinated.

People can get vaccinated at any of the clinics around the district.

Dr Malcolm Wootton, of Three Rivers Health, said it was a team approach with pharmacies, general practice and staff from the hospital all working together.

“So it is a wide team stepping up for the community.”

Dr Wootton said while it was preferred people booked online at walk-ins were also encouraged.

Vaccination clinics were still continuing as normal leading up to, and following Super Saturday, and people were encouraged to get their first vaccination doses completed.

Those with bookings for a later date could also change them to Super Saturday, or another closer date to suit, as more vaccination times were available.

At Ashburton Hospital staff have been laying the groundwork and preparing for a covid outbreak in the community.

It’s involved making sure the right protocols and procedures in place, Ashburton Health Services manager Berni Marra says.

“We care for people with infectious diseases that spread in the same way as Covid-19 each year, and our teams have well established protocols for managing any cases,” she said.

“Ashburton Hospital has been working through a number of plans to ensure we can utilise the facility in the best possible way to support the delivery of care during a possible Covid-19 outbreak in the community.”

It has included the Canterbury District Health Board’s infection, prevention and control team working with clinical staff to design amendments to patient flow throughout the hospital, as well as maintenance and engineering team identifying changes needed to support improved ventilation and air flow.

“Perhaps most importantly, we continue to work closely with our primary care partners to improve the uptake of vaccinations across the district,” Ms Marra said.

“There is plenty of capacity in the system with thousands of vaccination appointments available each week. Most clinics now have capacity to offer drop-in appointments throughout the day too, with more than 40 primary care clinics (throughout Canterbury) now providing these.”

“We urge everyone to make use of our current capacity and receive their vaccination as soon as possible. “Everyone aged 12 and over can now book a vaccination appointment or visit one of our drop-in clinics.”