Sunflower seedlings sown

Angus Laing in his greenhouse with the sunflower seedlings he's growing to sell.

Five-year-old Angus Laing is back selling sunflower seedlings and keen to make a dollar or two for himself and also for St John.

The Allenton School pupil has been growing seedlings from seeds he gathered from last year’s sunflower crop and others given to him by his aunty.

The seedlings are grown in a greenhouse and he watered them daily.

Once big enough they are transplanted into pots.

Angus’ former preschool, Phoenix, is supplying yoghurt containers as the pots.

The seedlings are being sold at $1 each.

Last year Angus also sold lemons from his garden and this year is cultivating garlic.

A stand has been set up outside of his house on Allison Street, Allenton and the seedlings will be sold over the next few weeks.

Angus checks his stand regularly and replenishes any stock sold.

As well as supporting a worthy cause, the selling venture will also help fund some new toys for the budding entrepreneur.

A remote control boat is at the top of his wish list.