Support needed now, more than ever

Pup Chamberlain, pictured left, says caring for ourselves gives us the help we need to be there for others.

Lives Worth Living co-ordinator Pup Chamberlain ponders covid stress and just how many straws a camel can truly carry …

“We are not used to long term stress as a country, before I was born there was the World War 2, and as a lad the threat of the Cold War. But other than disasters that come and go, long term stress tends to be experienced by individuals or families.

As a nation we are seeing large numbers of people anxious, angry, sad and confused.

Little day-to-day tasks become difficult and even leadership worldwide appear to change the rules and findings every other day to feed our frustration and beliefs.

So what can we do to avoid some of this?

Listen and read local media, it tends to relate to local people and a mix of positive and negative. If you watch national news restrict yourself to once a day. National media is about drama, opinion and negativity, seldom does it portray accurate news, rather it feeds fear and anxiety.

In protecting yourself from covid don’t isolate yourself totally from each other; humans are tribal, we need each other.

When you find yourself worrying about you, look around it’s not hard to find other people to help and it puts your own problems into perspective.

If you are worried about yourself and others have the strength to ask for help.

Caring for ourselves and others is sensible and gives us the help we need to be there for others. We all need a hand at times.

Have a laugh, get outside and away from the everyday routine, it is okay to shut off every now and then and just forget for a while.

Covid won’t always be here but hopefully most of the things important to us will be, treasure these and make sure covid stress doesn’t ruin them or you.

Remember in your everyday life, stress will influence how you deal with daily events and relationships.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath every now and then and step back and re-visit events after a good sleep.

Lives Worth Living is easy to contact and has a range of resources on their website at or on their Facebook page, don’t hesitate to make contact for advice, navigation or just someone to listen.

Need to talk, or want help?

– Free call or text 1737 anytime for support from a trained counsellor

– Free call 0800 222 955 for the Ashburton Community Psychiatric Service Team for a mental health or suicide crisis

– Call 111 for a mental health or suicide emergency.