Taking a life-size bite of the Big Apple


Jicinta McBain does not wait for something to happen to her – she takes life on.

Just over a year ago she ran her first half marathon, at 41, and now, a year later, she has conquered the New York Marathon.

The farmer’s wife and mother of three is just back from competing in New York – her biggest sporting challenge to date – and is still buzzing.

She ran the 42km in 5 hours and 7 minutes – nearly two hours quicker than the time an app predicted given her level of training.

But the app did not take account of several things: Mrs McBain’s determination, pilates, swimming – and running.

The New York trip was the culmination of a hectic year.

She ran her first half marathon on her birthday, November 9, last year – the day she turned 41.

Since, she has run several more half marathons, including Queenstown and Lake Hood, the Spring Challenge with friends in Geraldine, and the Motutapu 52k challenge near Wanaka, and several 10 and 12k races.

Mrs McBain, whose children attend Borough School, said her “amazing husband” looked after the children the 10 days she was away running and seeing the sights of New York.

“I had thought I’d always wanted to go to New York and to go shopping and do the marathon.”

She first thought she would run the half – but found there wasn’t one – it was 42km or nothing.

Mrs McBain said she decided last year she was going to do the race but “kept it to myself”.

So, she joined 51,000 other runners in the famous race at 7am after taking a bus from the hotel.

She said that after finishing, she was elated and physically all right, but remembered how tired she felt after her first half marathon.

Her best half time was 2 hours 20 minutes, so was satisfied with her full time.

“I’d love to go back.”

She went with a group of Kiwi runners – running, shopping and squeezing in two Broadway shows, Cats and the Lion King.

Her next challenge?

Mrs McBain is not saying.

“I can’t sit still for too long. There will always be something going on.”

She said half marathons fitted better with her family, but in New York at every corner “people were cheering me on”.

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