Talent extended for show

Photo: Young actors, including Elise Heffernan, Luke Glendining and Toby Lee, pictured centre, with show storytellers (on the scaffold) perform a sequence from Children of Eden.

By Mick Jensen

Young singing talent will be extended and showcased when Big Little Theatre Company members perform the exciting musical show Children of Eden later this week.

It is the theatre company’s first ever musical production and features 44 songs performed by 23 actors, most of them seniors.

There is also a small orchestra and 12 guest backing singers.

Musical director Kenneth Love said he was excited to see the many hours of rehearsals and hard work come together for three shows.

The young actors involved were talented and not all had been singers when the musical journey began in Term 1.

“Students have certainly been extended, which is the whole idea of this musical, and over the weeks they have excelled with their voices.

“The musical journey has been a huge step up for many, but they have kept the momentum going and now is the time to showcase the talent.”

Mr Love said Children of Eden split performers into two distinct camps, those who were prepared to accept change and make new choices and those who didn’t want to change the status quo.

It was an intense story that featured contrasting song styles.

Songs covered emotions such as love, passion and anger and some simply made you want to cry, he said.

The stage will be set up with props that include a ring of stones, an altar and stairway to heaven.

Although based on the Book of Genesis, Children of Eden is non religious.

It will be directed by former Court Theatre associate artistic director Bryan Aitken.

Two evening shows on July 14 and 15 will be followed by a 2pm matinee on July 16.

Tickets are available from Ashburton Trust Event Centre or ticketdirect.co.nz.Sports ShoesBoots