Rural Women New Zealand Mid Canterbury provincial president Marion Dent (centre) gives fresh scones and Anzac biscuits to Life Pharmacy's Candace Kingsbury (left) and Rachel Eaton.

A morning tea shout is the Kiwi way to say thanks.

And many Mid Canterbury workplaces received welcome plates of sammies and scones n Thursday when Rural Women said thanks to essential workers in the best way they know: home baking.

It was a token of appreciation from the organisation and a way to acknowledge those who kept working and helping the community during the Covid-19 response.

“It’s thanks for all the work during lockdown, it’s much appreciated,” said Rural Women provincial president Marion Dent.

“Nothing says thank you better for a job well done than a traditional Kiwi morning tea shout.

“We want to say thank you to essential workers who worked through Level 4 to keep us safe, fed, informed and cared for while we stayed home to save lives … thank you for playing your part.”

Mid Canterbury had a large percentage of people deserving of recognition; among them pharmacy staff and rural suppliers like Farmlands, who also received a visit from fellow Rural Women NZ member and leadership councillor Sandra Curd.

“The RWNZ Mighty Morning Tea Shout is an opportunity for us to thank all the people who worked through the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and those who supported their communities during that time,” Mrs Dent said.

Rural Women New Zealand Mid Canterbury provincial member Sandra Curd (left) shouts morning tea to Farmlands crew Tracey Cowie, Rachel Rooney, Rob McMillan and Russell Wallace for the RWNZ Mighty Morning Tea Shout on July 29.
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