There’s a cat in this hat, or so we hear

Margaret Hawkey and her cat-hair hat.

Creative fibre enthusiast Margaret Hawkey has crafted three beanies from alpaca wool and cat hair.

The cat hair has come off the back of malting rag-doll rescue cat Beau, who belongs to her friend June Barrett.

Mrs Barrett collected it over a number of months and handed it over early last year.

Because of the breed, Beau sheds a lot of hair year-round, but particularly in autumn and winter.

The cat hair was “teased” to open up the fleece, spun and then some of it dyed to create the unique beanies.

One beanie creation will be entered into the Ashburton A & P Show later this month.

Mrs Hawkey said she was very pleased with how the combination of cat hair and alpaca had turned out.

“I used an equal amount of both materials and it’s so soft to the touch and not itchy like wool can be,” she said.

Mrs Hawkey said some of her fellow Ashburton Creative Fibre group members were sceptical about using cat hair.

“A number thought I’d have to use wool as well as, but in the end it wasn’t needed.”

Mrs Hawkey has just been given more cat hair to work with and intends making more beanies. The beanies will be donated to the Cancer Society and given to patients recovering from treatment.latest Running2021 adidas Ultraboost 21 Midnight Navy/Black-White FY0350 For Sale