This kart is super


Kyle Robertson has a super-kart and rally car – and when he goes from the kart to the car, it feels like the car’s on slow motion.

Mr Robertson joined Ashburton Family Grass Kart Club spokesman Wayne Shierlaw at a display of karts on the East Street Green, Ashburton, as part of Wheels Week.

The karts ranged from home-made models with lawn mower engines to super-karts, powered by late-model 300cc motorcycle engines.

They can easily reach 130 to 140kmh – but are governed.

Mr Shierlaw said the club was family-oriented, with grass meetings on the third Sunday of the month.

He said they relied on the generosity of local farmers for race space.

Racing, he said, was cheap, and a good kart could be bought for as little as $500.

Top-line karts could fetch $3500.

Mr Shierlaw said the club welcomed members who wanted to race, or social members, who might want to act as a marshal, with details on the Facebook page.

He said the club had members from Timaru and Christchurch, and at each meeting there were generally 30 to 40 karts racing.

There was no age limit, with four-year-olds and a man in his 70s from Timaru racing.

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