Total fire ban in place


Ashburton District Council has been notified by the Mid-South Canterbury Rural Fire Authority that there is a total fire ban for the district effective immediately.

All open fires, including field burn-offs, are now banned throughout the district.

With fire resources stretched as volunteer fire crews are assisting the efforts with the Port Hills fires in Selwyn and Christchurch, Ashburton residents and farmers are being reminded of the fire risks in the dry weather and are being told to refrain from any open fires.

Environmental services group manager Jane Donaldson says it is imperative that people are aware of the dangers and not put any further strain on our fire brigades and volunteers, many of whom are working long shifts to help out in the Port Hills.

“People need to use their common sense and ensure they are not undermining the efforts in fighting the fires happening in the Port Hills” she says, adding, “if we have any fires started here it will mean redirecting the already stretched resources and will likely result in prosecutions.”

Council will advise once the fire ban is lifted.

Burn-offs – banned until further notice

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