Trike trade gains traction

Trikes NZ owner Brian Gilbert with some of the trikes at the Ashburton roadshow.

The Trikes NZ roadshow rolled into the sports hall at EA Networks Centre on Tuesday and showcased trikes of all shapes, sizes and differing price tags.

Staff from the specialist business met with existing clients and took inquiries from others interested in getting their hands on three-wheelers.

Trikes NZ was based in Levin, but was on the road and cramming 12 months worth of roadshow visits into three months, said owner Brian Gilbert.

He had worked with trikes for 35 years and enjoyed getting on the road.

The company had around 50 customers in the Canterbury region and was heading south on the one-week Mainland roadtrip.

Trikes, said Mr Gilbert, had developed hugely in sophistication over the years.

Traditional children’s trikes were still popular, as were adult trikes, but there was a new expanding market among seniors, who wanted to stay active and mobile.

The oldest trike rider he knew was 94 and trikes were regularly rode on the Otago Rail Trail.

Mr Gilbert said around 85 per cent of his business related to trikes used by people who needed help with mobility.

He worked closely with institutions for the disabled throughout New Zealand to guarantee the highest possible level of product quality and service for clients.

His company’s strength was in customising a trike to suit the needs of the person using it.

All trikes, including tandems, recumbents and hand cycles, could be customised, and just about all could be made electric, he said.

Basic adult trikes cost around $1300, kids’ trikes around $2000, hands trikes $3000 and tandems and recumbents start at $4500.

Trikes with all the bells and whistles can cost many thousands more.

Trikes NZ also repairs, services and upgrades trikes.

Mr Gilbert said there were a number of sources of funding for people with special trike needs and customisation.

He encouraged those interested in trikes to check out the company’s website at

He expected to return to Ashburton in a few months time.

By Mick Jensenurl cloneGOLF NIKE SHOES