Volunteers needed


Community volunteers, preferably already vetted by police, are being sought to help people in need around Mid Canterbury during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Volunteering Mid/South Canterbury Mid Canterbury co-ordinator Dellwyn Moylan, working with Civil Defence, is compiling a list of people willing to help in the community if called on during alert level 4.

At the moment, helping duties were being carried out by Ashburton District Council staff, but it is believed community needs will increase as the lockdown continues.

Some of the volunteer tasks could include delivering supplies and medications to community people in need, like elderly, those with health or social vulnerabilities, those with disability or people unable to access adequate transport support.

It is a co-ordinated response which will see people connect with others in rural communities and outlying urban communities such as Methven.

Miss Moylan said there had already been a few people who had made contact, including school teachers, but more people were still needed.

If anyone is able to help in the coming weeks and has already been police vetted for an existing role in the community, they can contact Miss Moylan at volmidcant@nullgmail.com
A character reference will be required.

Anyone in need of welfare support and struggling to attain goods or services including food, water, or clothing; medication or other medical needs through community connections can contact Civil Defence on 0800 24 24 11 during council hours.Authentic SneakersArchives des Sneakers